Research and Industrial-Academic Partnership

JTCA promotes research projects of leading edge TC technologies and communication skills under partnership with international academic institutions.

Current Projects of Research & Industrial-Academic Partnership

The JTCA has conducted a variety of research initiatives in order to develop technologies for conveying information in ways that are easy to understand. This research is aimed at improving the technical capacities of the association's members and helping to raise the quality of communication in society at large. Research that is difficult to accomplish for individual companies or researchers is conducted in collaboration with universities and other public research institutions in an effort to contribute to the technological and academic development of industry and academia as a whole. It is our goal to produce research that is widely shared among professionals involved in providing product information.

Planning a Curriculum Guideline for Professional Education of Technical Communicators Working Group

See attached.

Web Communication Working Group

Since fiscal 2005 this working group has conducted surveys and research on operational considerations and standardization for web manuals from the viewpoint of usability and accessibility. The group also surveys and researches production techniques for creating manuals that better utilize information technology.

Katakana Working Group

The Katakana Working Group was formed in 2000 and is involved in researching and considering notation of foreign loanwords (written in the katakana phonetic alphabet) on products that are read directly by users. The group's publications have included a set of katakana guidelines and a questionnaire report. The group is currently idle having completed the second edition of its katakana guidelines, which were published in 2008.

Electronic Manual Standardization Working Group

This working group is involved in standardizing the marks used in electronic manuals. It publishes information on the intent of standard marks and how they are to be used. This working group has completed its activities.

Joint Industry-Academia Research Working Group

The aim of this working group is to select and develop research fields, themes and partners. More details will be announced when they are determined.