JTCA Facts

Objectives of JTCA

JTCA was originally founded in January 1992 as a professional organization for those who dealt with instructions for various products and services. As of January 2009, JTCA was re-established as a general incorporated foundation.

JTCA aims to improve the lives of Japanese citizens by improving information quality, raising safety levels and preventing operational errors when using industrial products. The organization contributes to society through the following public-interest activities.

  1. Provide opportunities for technologies and findings related to information creation, development and distribution, etc. to be announced to thereby promote scholarship, science and technology.
  2. Further technologies related to information evaluation and recognize outstanding achievements in this area to thereby provide greater stability to the lives of Japanese citizens through the capture, promotion and stimulation of opportunities for fair and free economic activity.
  3. Survey the state of information and research policies that will help improve and advance information to thereby promote or advocate for the interests of general consumers.
  4. Coordinate with universities and other public research institutions, promote research that helps develop information and improve production technologies, and publicize research findings.
  5. Train people involved in information and promote training technologies.
  6. Promote information-related standardization of various kinds and further cross-border communication.
  7. Further personal and corporate interactions related to information and cooperate with related organizations in Japan and overseas.
  8. All activities related to the objectives stipulated in the preceding items.