JTCA Facts

JTCA History

1989.6 First TC Symposium 'Manuals in Japan, Now'. 600 participants.
1990.7 Second TC Symposium 'Easy-to-understand Manuals'. 800 participants.
1991.8 Third TC Symposium 'Producing Gentle & Kind Manuals' 1,200 participants.
1992.1 Establishment of JTCA
1992.6 Publication of 'Guideline for Manual Evaluation'.
1992.9 4th TC Symposium 'In Search of Technology to Communicate'. 900 participants.
1993.5 Publications of 'Research in Human Resources Development in TC' and 'Research in Manual Production Tools'.
1993.8 5th TC Symposium 'Communicating with More User Centered Awareness'. 800 participants.
1994.5 Publication of 'Standard TC Education Program' and 'Evaluation Criterion for Well Designed Manuals'.
1994.8 6th TC Symposium 'TC for Better User-Interface Design'. 600 participants.
1995.5 Publication of 'Research in TC Certification Program' and 'Research in Manual Awards'.
1995.8 7th TC Symposium 'New Wave in TC: Product Liability, Multi-Media and Internet'. 700 participants.
1996.3 Publications of 'TC Certification Exams Report' and 'Research of Manual Development under Multi-Media Environment'.
1996.8 8th TC Symposium 'TC Technology in the Internet Age'. 850 participants.
1997.3 Seminar: 'Copyrights in the Age of Multi-Media'.
1997.3 Publications of 'Research in Practical TC Certification' and 'Guideline for Producing Electronic Manuals'.
1997.8 Opening JTCA Web site.
1997.9 TC Symposium '97 'Shapes, Colors, Sounds and Animation: TC in Electronic Space'. 1,050 participants.
1998.2 Starting TC Certifications Exam: Technical Writing Basic Level.
1998.4 Publication of 'Report on Guideline for Evaluation of Electronic Manuals'.
1998.9 TC Symposium '98 'Human-Machine Interaction'. 1,050 participants.
1999.6 Seminar: 'Practical Manual Production'. This seminar has been held every year.
1999.9-12 TC Symposium '99 'Transition from <Human vs. Digital> to <Human with Digital>'.
2000.4 Publication of 'Research in Application Areas for Technical Communication'.
2000.4 Japan Manual Awards by JTCA's single sponsorship.
2000.9-12 TC Symposium 2000 'Changing Media, Changing Definition of Easiness'. 1,100 participants in Tokyo, 310 in Osaka.
2001.2 Starting TC Certifications Exam: Technical Writing Advanced Level.
2001.8-10 TC Symposium 2001 'What's Accessibility?'. 910 participants in Tokyo, 260 in Osaka.
2002.4 Publication of 'Research in Guideline for Producing Information on the Web'.
2002.9-10 TC Symposium 2002 'Fun to Use: What Comes Next to Ease of Use'. 950 participants in Tokyo, 230 in Osaka.
2003.4 Publication of 'Second Research in Guideline for Producing Information on the Web'.
2003.8-10 TC Symposium 2003 'Nice and Cozy Man-Machine Communication'. 960 participants in Tokyo, 240 in Osaka.
2004.2 Starting TC Certifications Exam: Direction of Manual Production.
2004.9 TC Symposium 2004 'Produce to Use and Create to Produce'. 1,020 participants in Tokyo, 220 in Osaka.
2004.1 Publication of 'Guideline for Katakana Notation'.
2005.3 Publication of 'Research in Certification Program in Usability'.
2005.4 Publication of 'Standard Logo for Electronic Manual'.
2005.5 Seminar: 'Basic Manual Production'. This seminar has been held every year.
2005.9-10 TC Symposium 2005 'EXUVIATION!'. 1,110 participants in Tokyo, 270 in Osaka.
2005.10 Publication of 'Guidebook for TC Certification Exam: Technical Writing, second edition'.
2006.5 Publication of 'Research in Training for Usability Experts'.
2006.5 Presented a draft of IEC62079 Part 2 to IEC/TC3.
2006.9-10 TC Symposium 2006 'Let's Create the New Navigation!'. 1,070 participants in Tokyo, 310 in Osaka.
2006.12 Publication of 'Guidebook for TC Certification Exam: Direction of Manual Production, new edition'.
2007.3 Publication of 'Research in Training Curriculum for Technical Communicators and Usability Specialists'.
2007.8-10 TC Symposium 2007 'TORI-SETSU 2.0: Improvement of creativity and productivity'. 1,300 participants in Tokyo, 390 in Osaka.
2008.3 Publication of 'Guideline for Katakana Notation, second edition'.
2008.3 Publication of 'Research in Training Curriculum for creators of Instructional Information'.
2008.8-10 TC Symposium 2008 'Information Multiplied by Design: A New Stage for Technical Communicators'. 1,350 participants in Tokyo, 450 in Kyoto.
2008.11 At 2008 extra general meeting, resolution for the transition to a general incorporated foundation was passed.
2009.1 JTCA - Corporation registration as a general foundation, 07/01/2009
2009.2 Publication:'Frontier', - the first issue
2009.3-4 Final result of election: Board of councilors - 25 councilors including newly elected 22 and 3 from members since establishment time. Toshimasa Yamazaki as a Chief Councilor and Naoki Tokuda as a Dupty Chief Councilor are elected at a councilors member meeting on 04/15/2009.
2009.4 Seminar:'Introduction of Technical Communication'
2009.7 Publication:'Frontier', - the second issue
2009.7 Publication:'Description Book for China Regulation and National Standard for Manual Information Related'
2009.8 Publication:'Guideline for Japanese writing style'
2009.8-10 TC Symposium 2009 'Stimulus for Satisfaction: Innovative use of technical communication'. 1,040 participants in Tokyo, 330 in Kyoto.
2009.11 Publication:'Guideline of Manual Information for Ground Digital Broadcasting TV'
2009.11 Publication:'Frontier', - the third issue
2009.12 Case announcement:'Challenging Cases to Make Customers Come to Read Manuals' at Universal Design Business Symposium arranged by Nikkei Design.
2009.12 Working group starts:'Planning a Curriculum Guideline for Professional Education of TC in Japan'
2010.1 Special seminar:'Get to Know the National Standard for Manual Creation - IEC62079 etc.,'
2010.2 Conduct new TC certification exams. Examinees 470 for TW3.
2010.3 Report:'Guideline for PDF Proofreading, - Creation of Dictionary for Electronic Text Proofreading Tools to Avoid Excessive Comments'
2010.3 Start free supply:Dictionary files for ATOK・JustRight! based on guideline for Japanese wirting style'
2010.3 Publication:'Frontier', - the fourth issue
2010.7 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 296 for TW3 and 164 for DR2
2010.8 The first TC International Roundtable arranged by tekom and JTCA. Participating nations: China, Germany, Korea, U.S.A. and Japan
2010.8-10 TC Symposium 2010 'TC Goes "Live"'. 1,070 participants in Tokyo, 360 in Kyoto.
2010.9 Publication:'Guidebook for Manual Production'
2010.10 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 103 for MP2.
2010.11 Publication:'Frontier', - the fifth issue
2011.2 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 111 for MP2 and 99 for DR2
2011.3 Special Sminar:'From Paper to Electonic Medium, -learning basic technology for future instruction manuals'
2011.5 Working group starts:'Studying for Topic-writing'
2011.6 Working group starts:'Revision of Guideline for PDF proofreading'
2011.7 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 420 for TW3.
2011.8-10 TC Symposium 2011 'Looks do matter - Creating searchable, readable and useable documents –'. 330 participants in Tokyo, 730 in Kyoto.
2011.10 Toshimasa Yamazaki inaugurated as Board of Directors, JTCA.
2011.10 The second TC International Roundtable arranged by tekom and JTCA. Participating nations: Germany, China, India, Italy, Korea, Swizzerland, U.S.A. and Japan
2011.11 Establishment of KANSAI branch office in JTCA
2011.12 Publication:'Frontier', - the sixth issue
2012.2 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 285 for TW3 and 186 for MP2
2012.4 Start seminars in Kyoto
2012.5 Publication:'Frontier', - the seventh issue
2012.7 Conduct TC certification exams. Examinees 300 for TW3 and 148 for DR2