JTCA Facts

Activities of JTCA

JTCA conducts versatile activities as follows:

Public-Interest Activities

1) TC Symposiums

Annually nationwide symposiums are held in Tokyo (2 days) and the Kansai area (1 day) as an opportunity for presentation, learning and communication within the TC community. The operation of TC Symposiums is supported by voluntary members. This event has been regarded as 'trend-setting' for Japanese technical communication and international TC community is paying attention to TC Symposium.

2) Japan Manual Awards

Held annually to promote a public recognition of excellent product information. Through the judgment process, evaluation methods and skills have been developed and shared among Japanese TC professionals.

3) Research and Industrial-Academic Partnerships

By investigating leading-edge trends in TC, JTCA is promoting several research projects simultaneously for better solutions in TC.

4) Foreign Market Research

JTCA is conducting surveys into growing foreign markets and collecting information about regulations and standards for sharing within Japanese TC community.

5) Standardization

To promote effective and safe usage of various products and enhance the level of TC skills, JTCA participates in standardization activities in cooperation with related international organizations.

Revenue Generating Activities

1) Seminars

To provide diverse training opportunities for various levels of TC professionals, JTCA conducts regular seminars.

2) TC Certification Exams

JTCA conducts TC Certification Exams which accredit the level of TC skills based on common national standards.

3) Trustee Business

Under contracts with public-interest corporations or JTCA member corporations, JTCA operates research projects on a trustee basis.

4) Publishing

JTCA publishes Guidebooks for TC Certification Exam and other publications.